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Oxycore 1000 Pocket Pillow Top Memory Foam Mattress

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A memory foam pillow topper softer than a baby’s bottom meets some of the best mattress technology we’ve ever had.

The Oxycore mattress gives you cutting-edge comfort via its advanced zoned support system. Each individual spring is housed in its own separate pocket which means your weight is spread evenly across the whole mattress, with edge-to-edge springs offering maximum sleep space across the whole mattress.

The Oxycore’s pocket springs move independently, reacting to the contours of your body and absorbing the movements of each person in the bed. Its layers of memory foam add an extra level of comfort, moulding perfectly for support that’s unique to you and provide further pressure point relief.

Whilst providing unparalleled body support and maximum pressure distribution, the mattress maintains a healthy sleep surface that is antibacterial and antifungal, that also protects against dust mites. The Oxycore provides firm support and is made from high quality hypoallergenic mattress fabric that aids airflow for a cooler sleep.

Featuring natural materials from sustainable sources, the Oxycore is fully recyclable and highly breathable, allowing air to pass through for an invigorating and refreshing night’s sleep.

Complete with a generous layer of memory foam in the pillow top, the Oxycore offers extra comfort and support by responding to your natural shape. The Oxycore is perfect for anyone who likes a medium-firm feel.

The Oxycore comes in a vacuum sealed roll to make transport a breeze. When taking it out please give it up to 72 hours for it to fully expand.