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Hyder Beds

Hyder Beds Sirius Gel 3000 Pocket Spring Pillow Top Mattress

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It’s beautifully bouncy, which provides consistent pressure relief to help keep your shoulders and hips in perfect alignment. You’re sure to stay balanced, eliminating the chance of you rolling around during your sleep.

When these features come together, it’s the perfect storm for a blissful night’s rest.

Secondly, this mattress boasts different layers of fillings, showcasing all the latest in sleeping technology -- most notably, hydro cooling gel.
This gel is a natural cooling agent which works to combat your body’s heat retention. There’s nothing worse than a hot, sticky night’s sleep, making this mattress ideal for a warmer climate.

The Sirius 3000 also has an exclusive 3D breathable border. This improves air circulation inside of the mattress. Again this serves to regulate your body’s temperature as you sleep, so you’ll awaken feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Size Width Length Height
3FT Single 90cm 190cm N/A
4FT Small Double 120cm 190cm N/A
4FT6 Double 135cm 190cm N/A
5FT King Size 150cm 200cm N/A
6FT Superking 180CM 200cm N/A