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Hyder Beds

Hyder Beds Layflex Natural Latex Foam Mattress

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The Layflex mattress is nothing short of durable. Not only that, but it’s also built using eco-friendly latex foam. As you can imagine, this is great for the environment, but it’s also hypo-allergic, so it’s ideal for people suffering from allergies.

On top of that, this latex is also antimicrobial and anti-fungal, which helps your mattress stay clean, healthy, and breathable. The 3D border and micro-quilted latex also aid healthy ventilation, which adds another dimension of comfort. The technology in this mattress regulates your body’s temperature by improving the air circulation across the entire mattress.

This same material is also incredibly absorbent, making it very easy to wash and quick to dry. Plus, it’s dust-mite resistant, making it a choice that’s as practical as it is comfortable. The reflex foam provides a firm orthopaedic feel to the mattress, which you’ll be pleased to hear, helps your body maintain the optimum sleeping position.

Size Width Length Height
3FT Single 90cm 190cm N/A
4FT Small Double 120cm 190cm N/A
4FT6 Double 135cm 190cm N/A
5FT King Size 150cm 200cm N/A
6FT Superking 180CM 200cm N/A