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Bali Ottoman Storage Bed

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Crafted with the warmth of natural oak, the Bali bed radiates rustic charm, complementing diverse interior styles. The ottoman design optimises bedroom space for storage without sacrificing style. What sets this bed apart is the integrated headboard with a built-in bookcase, creating a convenient space for your favorite reads and enhancing the functionality of your sleeping sanctuary. Utilising innovative Click Furniture Technology, this bed ensures easy assembly for a hassle-free setup.

• Radiates rustic allure with its stunning natural oak finish, seamlessly complementing a range of interior styles
• Features a convenient built-in bookcase headboard for storing your cherished book collections
• Utilises a gas-powered lift-up system for effortless access to underneath storage, ensuring convenience in your daily routine.
• Offers ample storage space for clothing, extra bedding, and towels, for a tidy and organised space
• Incorporates Click Furniture Technology, for a hassle-free assembly and straightforward setup experience.